There is no update to the caregiver mobile app with this release. There will be an update to the agency app on February 9, 2022, but it is not a mandatory update and can be done at your convenience. The version, however, will remain the same, i.e. V1.5 for Android & iOS users. The minimum operating system requirements are "Lollipop" for Android and v10.0 for Apple devices.

Support for Caregiver Forms

Similar to 'Other Forms' in the Client profile, you can now create caregiver template forms in Admin Settings and then access them from the "Caregiver Profile – Other Forms" and "Caregiver Applicant Profile – Other Forms".

Updates in Client profile > Assessment Tab

  1. Added ‘Name’ column – With custom forms and multiple assessments, the assessment ‘Name’ column will identify the template used for that assessment.

  2. With the addition of 'Name' column, the original assessments will now be shown with the name 'Basic Assessment'.

  3. Other Grid Changes -

    1. Renamed 'Assessment ID' to ‘ID’.

    2. Screens Filled - Text 'Online Assessment' is removed.

    3. ‘Last Updated on' and ‘Last Updated by’ merged into one - 'Modified’.

    4. Renamed 'Assessment Status' to 'Status'.

  4. 'Add Observation' and 'Display Variance Report' buttons are now always displayed on the screen for easy access.

Time Tracking - Missed Visit View

You can now view missed visits in the Time Tracking Views. With this feature, you can use the filters and take appropriate action on the missed visits.

EVV Updates

Carebridge Update

  1. Data Post Screen - Visit Status Filter is Included

    1. You can now filter the visits on the data post screen based on the visit status.

TELLUS Updates

  1. Multiple reason codes can be selected for required Visit Edits

    1. You will be able to select multiple reason codes at the time of visit edit from the portal.

    2. There is a total of 4 reason codes ( 1 on Manual clock -in / 1 on Manual clock- out & 2 on Visits edit ) that can be selected and sent to TELLUS.

    3. If you need to change the reason codes entered already, or if the schedules are already billed, the system will now allow you to enter the reason code from the TELLUS data post screen as well.

    Link -

  2. Enabling Pre-Billing Validation

    1. You will be prompted to add any required pre-billing validation at the time of posting to TellUS, in case any data pointer is required and might lead to rejection at a later stage.

3. Sandata - EVV Configuration Updates

CareSmartz360 Support team members can help enter any required details configuring the setup on behalf of your team for Sandata on the EVV Configuration screen itself.

Agency App Updates

Beginning with this release, we have introduced EVV functionality to the agency mobile app. You will be able to enter/select reason codes for shifts while editing visits from within the app. The reason codes will also be applicable at the time of doing manual clock-in/clock-out from the agency app.

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