An update to the caregiver mobile app will be available on Wednesday, January 6, 2022, via code push with option to install later if they wish to. the version will remain same i.e. V2.20 for Android users & V2.19 for iOS users. Caregivers can continue using the current version of the app and update it when convenient. The minimum operating system requirements are "Lollipop" for Android and v10.0 for Apple devices.

Ability to filter Prospective Clients based on Status.

On the Prospective Client Search page now there is a new Status filter added. Agency user(s) will now be able to filter Prospective clients based on status.

Exempt a single Caregiver from holiday pay.

You can exclude Caregivers from Holiday Pay. If you do not want to pay some caregivers extra for a holiday, you can go to the Caregiver’s Profile > Main section and select “Exempt from Holiday Pay Calculations." By default, all the Caregivers will be considered for Holiday Pay until manually exempted.

Text Caregivers directly from the Open Shift Manager.

You will now be able to text Clients and Caregivers directly from the Open Shift Manager. Hover over a Caregiver's or Client’s name to view their number and profile link. This can be done from both Agency > Caregiver and Caregiver > Agency tabs.

Sync Authorizations to existing schedules from the Bulk Edit view.

Historically, you were not able to sync Authorizations on client schedules with an Approved status. Now, it is possible with the introduction of new filters, ‘Service Type’ and ‘Schedule Status’, on the bulk schedule edit view. The new filters open new possibilities on the bulk schedule edit window. New filters can be accessed from Schedule Calendar, Client Calendar, and Caregiver Calendar.

Automatically show Payer’s Email 2 while sending an invoice.

When sending an invoice to a Payer, their second email address will now also be automatically populated in the Send Email pop-up on the Finalized Invoice screen.

Search invoice by invoice number on the Finalized Invoice Batch screen.

You will now be able to search for an invoice using the invoice number on the Finalized Invoice Batch screen. A new search box has been added with the existing filters on the top. The results will show the batch which contains the searched invoice number.

Mobile app

UI Change for showing date in case of Upcoming/Ongoing shifts are in different dates.

User will be able to see the date within the schedule block itself in case when there are 2 shifts are in different dates for Ongoing/Upcoming shifts.

EVV Integration & System Updates

Sandata Integration in California

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with Sandata in California.

CareBridge Integration in Wyoming

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with CareBridge in Wyoming.

HHA exchange Integration in the state of Alabama

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in Alabama.

TELLUS Updates

Prompt for reason codes and action taken on manual updates & missed visits

From now on, the system will prompt you to enter reason codes for any manual edit done on the visit, or in the case where a visit is missed. You will have the option to enter the reason code when manually editing the schedule from the schedule window, but also from the Time Tracking view. The default set of reason codes provided by TELLUS will be shown in the drop-down from which you can select.

Similarly, for missed visits on the Time Tracking view, you will have the option to select the aggregator on the Missed Visit view; visits will be listed so you have the option to enter a missed visit reason code and the action taken.

HHA Exchange updates

Automated HHAeXchange posting for all states where HHAeXchange is the EVV aggregator, via SFTP or the API ( in the state of NJ & WV)

  1. You can turn on/off the setting if you wish to start the auto-posting of records from the EVV configuration screen.

  2. You will need to enable the SFTP checkbox and enter the SFTP details in the required fields.

  3. Once the setting is enabled, the system will check for visits that are linked to an HHAeXchange payer and eligible for posting once the invoice for that visit has been created.

  4. This feature will be applicable for the Billed Visit Import report only

Please note that the manual posting process will remain as it is currently.

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