The Client Bill Rates Report will show you client-specific bill rates, grouped by the client they apply to.

To run this report hover over Reports in the main menu, then select Client from the pop-out menu, as shown.

Select Client Bill Rates from the list as shown.

This will open the report and allow you to filter the data as needed.

The following filters are available:

Office Name

This will allow you to choose which office to view, if you have more than one. If you have only one office, it will be preset.

Client Status

This will allow you to choose whether to view active or inactive clients. If required, both options can be chosen.


This will allow you to choose which client or clients to view. Multiple or all clients can be selected if required.

Service Types

This will allow you to choose which service type or types you wish to see the bill rates for. Multiple or all types can be selected if required.

Start and End Dates

This will allow you to set the time period you wish to view. All bill rates in CareSmartz360 have an effective start and end date, and this filter will limit the report to rates active during the period you select.

Once you have set your filters, select View Report to generate the report. The report will show as follows.

The rates will be grouped by client, and you will be able to see the service type, rate and effective start and end date for each. If the report has more than one page, you can use the options at the top of the page to navigate. You can also search within the report or download it as an Excel, CSV or PDF file using the save button.


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