When you create a recurring schedule, you expect that the days of the week, the times and the caregiver will all stay the same for duration of the recurrence. Sometimes things change, and you need to adjust the schedule.

In CareSmartz360, you will be presented with a choice when you make a change to a recurring schedule:

This box is asking you to decide which schedules will be affected by the change you just made.

  • Update only this schedule means that the change you made will only apply to the schedule you opened. No other schedules will be affected.

  • Update this schedule forward will apply the change you made to the schedule you opened and any schedules after that. For instance, if you opened the schedule for October 4, the change would apply to Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7 (or any other schedules after October 4).

  • Update all recurrence will apply the change you made to any schedules that have not been approved. This includes the schedule you opened, any schedules that come after the one you opened, and any schedules that were before the one you opened (unless they have been approved). No approved schedules will change.

  • Selective Update allows you to select just certain days in the past or the future to change. For instance, only the Tuesdays need a different caregiver, but the Mondays and Wednesdays don't. Selective Update can be a little confusing, so we recommend that you use the Multiple Schedule Update icon to pick specific dates you want the change to affect.

Multiple Schedule Update

  • The Multiple Schedule Update button is above the calendar, on the right.

  • By default, you will be able to select up to 6 weeks of schedules, but you can use the date range picker to select the range you want, for instance if you have 4 months of recurring schedule, just select the dates.

  • Use the check boxes on the left to select the days to which you want to apply the change. The scroll bar on the right will allow you to see more days. You can select/deselect as you need to have the change applied to the correct days.

  • Once you have selected the days that you want to change, use the fields at the bottom of the screen to enter the new information: change of time, different caregiver, updated service type, new bill and/or pay rates.

  • Always remember to use the Save button after you make your selections

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