An update to the mobile app will be available on Wednesday, September 29 with Version number 2.17 for both iOS & Android. Caregivers will need to update their app on that date, prior to clocking in.

Introduction of Weekly Care Summary Report.

A Weekly care report has been introduced in the system similar to the DMAS-90 report with a more general aspect, so that it can be used in all the states.

a. In the Office settings, now there is a tab “Care summary” from which either DMAS90 or Weekly Care Summary can be enabled, and respective questions can be defined.

b. All the tasks and Service types will be part of the Weekly Care Summary report.

c. Client and caregiver signatures will be included

d. Under Admin Settings> Role management, a new privilege “Weekly Care Summary” is added under scheduling. Agency users will be able to manage the visibility of the DMAS-90 report and Weekly Care Summary individually.

e. Observations (if any) - The caregiver can respond Yes or No to questions in either the DMAS or the Weekly Care survey in the mobile app/browser portal.

f. When Weekly Care Summary is enabled, the Questionnaire tab will appear in the Schedule window (left menu), and Caregiver and Client signatures will be required at Clock-Out.

g. Caregivers will be prompted to answer the survey questions at the time of clock-out when the Weekly Care Summary Report is enabled from the office settings. Caregivers can leave narrative explanations on the Weekly Care Report, but they will not be required.

Realtime Invoice balance update while making Credit Adjustment.

Now, upon adding a value in the “Amount” field, the “Invoice Balance” field updates in real-time. This will help the Agency user to know the updated balance instantly and confirm that the correct function has been applied.

The caregiver will not be able to Clock-In/Clock-Out on an approved shift from the Caregiver portal/Smartphone App.

Earlier, the system allowed Caregivers to Clock-In/Clock-Out on Approved shifts. Now, the system will not allow this action from Caregiver Portal/Smartphone app. Caregivers will be given alert on the Caregiver Portal/ Smartphone app in case they try to Clock-In or Clock-Out on the approved schedule.

Improved Client Portal UX on handheld devices.

Client Portal is now adaptive to Mobile and Tablet devices. Thus, the user experience will be improved and will provide better browsing options.

Mobile Updates

Introducing a new language - Korean for Caregiver app.

Caregivers will be able to switch to Korean language for the Caregiver mobile app from the profile or at the time of login based on their preferred language.

EVV Updates

  1. TELLUS updates

    1. Introduction of new field in the name of "Invoice rate" to be sent in RS feed in the state of Nebraska.

    2. Introducing a new column for showing Modifiers on the TELLUS Data Post screen along with the ability to sync the modifiers in case if data is missing on any schedule listed.

  2. Sandata Updates

    1. Caresmartz360 is now integrated with Sandata in the state of Missouri.

  3. HHA Exchange updates

    1. Introducing a new report "HHA exchange Caregiver Bulk Import" under EVV reports for states where agencies would like to export caregivers in bulk from Caresmartz360 in CSV file and then import them in HHA portal instead of manually adding the same.

      1. This will be applicable to agencies using the HHA exchange CSV export feature currently.

    2. Update in the State of Florida

      1. It is mandated to send the Invoice number in the Billed visit import report at all times.

    3. Update in all states using HHA exchange for sending Diagnosis code

      1. It is mandated by HHA exchange to send diagnosis codes for visits that are confirmed and billed.

        1. From this release onwards, the Diagnosis code will be sent in User field 3 in the CSV export.

      1. Users will have to map the tasks under settings -

        1. Navigate to DDM client management, and select companion care, personal care & Transportation

      2. The user will have to edit the task & then map it with the EVV aggregator task mapping.

      3. Once the mapping is done, all the settings are copied on the clients - assessment tab & schedule window.

      4. It will be carried forward to schedule & thereafter at the time of posting.

  4. EVV Aggregator Task Mapping

    1. Mapping activity codes with tasks present in the Caresmartz360 portal so that the right code is sent to the aggregator at the time of posting.

      1. This is currently required for NJ HHA files and may become required for other aggregators.

    2. Users will have to map the tasks under Admin settings - DDM client management,

      1. for companion care, personal care & Transportation

    3. The user will have to

      1. edit the task

      2. Select the appropriate aggregator

      3. map the task with the EVV aggregator task mapping.

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