You may have someone reach out to you as a prospective client. You'll want to store information and set up tasks/reminders for yourself to follow-up until the person converts to being a permanent client.

Start by navigating to Clients>Prospective Clients

In the upper right corner, select +Prospective Client

At the top of the page, you'll enter the information of the person who contacted you. It may be the client or someone calling on behalf of the client.

First select the relation to the client, and then add other information. Any field marked with a red * is required information.

For Assessment Type, you will most likely want to select "Online". This indicates that you will be maintaining the plan of care in the CareSmartz360 portal, so your caregivers can check off the tasks they complete when they visit your clients. If you select "manual", you will be maintaining paper records.

The second part of the page is where you will enter the client's information. If you selected "Self" in the Relation to Client drop-down at the top of the page, the information will auto-fill for you.

The Second Client in the Home section is for information purposes only. It will not create other functionality or in any way "link" the two people.

The software will require you to enter something in the Referral section.

At the bottom of the page, you can use the drop-down menus and free-form text box to add other information.

Once you have all the information necessary for this prospective client, use the Save button in the bottom right corner.

After you save the client, you will have access to the whole profile, and you'll see several tabs at the top of the page.


  • Demographic information you added about the caller

  • Email log which shows any emails you send to the caller from the portal

At the bottom of the Caller tab, there are three functions:

  1. Create Assessment

    1. Use this if you want to create the assessment/care plan prior to the prospect converting to actual client. Clicking this icon will provide you with the Assessment tab in the profile.

    2. For more information about setting up the assessment, CLICK HERE

  2. Convert to Client

    1. Will move the Client to your client list

    2. All emails/tasks/communications/Text logs will remain in the Prospective Client profile

  3. Update

    1. Use this if you have added/changed any information on this tab


  • Who provided the referral

  • The Prospect Rating

  • The Non-Conversion Reason (if the client decides NOT to use your services)

  • Assessment Call Information

  • Media Lead Information about the person/agency who provided the referral


  • The demographic information you added initially and the second client in the home information


  • Add a task to remind yourself to send follow-up emails or to call for more information

  • Add the details of any call to or from the client/prospect

  • The email log of any emails that were sent from the system to the prospect


  • The log of any SMS text messages sent from the system regarding this prospect

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