One of the great things about having a growing business is that you have lots of clients. Sometimes you might even end up opening a second or third office. We have always had the functionality for separate offices with separate settings, separate billing and payroll, separate caregivers. But, sometimes you just have a larger census without multiple offices that need that kind of differentiation.

You may also want to "group" your clients and caregivers by some other criteria. Here are some examples:

  • Grouped clients and caregivers so only certain caregivers take care of certain clients, irrespective of their geographical location. They might just create groups A, B, C, etc.

  • Clients grouped by the care manager, irrespective of location. They would create territories based on the Care Managers' names.

  • Group their clients by level of required care. They could create territories like Level 1, Level 2, etc.

The benefit here is that you can create subsets of your clients to make filtering easier on the Client and Caregiver Search screens as well as most of the scheduling module

You can define your territories by navigating to Admin Settings> Configuration>Manage Territory.

Adding territories is pretty straightforward. Click on the green + Territory button.

When the window opens,

  1. name the territory.

  2. If you want to add an ID number of some kind, you may, but that isn’t required.

  3. The expectation is that this feature will be used primarily for sorting clients and caregivers by geographical region, so a ZIP code is required. If multiple ZIP codes will be applicable to this Territory, you can add them all by putting a comma between them (no spaces).

  4. If there is a separate office that manages this territory, you can add the address for it here. Otherwise, just put in your regular office address.

Click save to add your territory.

If you already have clients in the system, everyone will be assigned to the first territory you create. Then, you will have to manually move clients to whichever territory you want for your sorting purposes.

If you don’t already have clients in the system, you can just assign them as you add them.

By design, a client can only be part of one territory.

In the caregiver profile, you can also find the Territories field in the contact address portion of the Main tab.

Caregivers can be a part of multiple territories. This will allow you to assign a caregiver to a client who is part of a different territory without creating a separate profile and username, like you would have to do it you have separate offices.

If you have distinctly different offices, with different administrators, office staff, settings, payroll, billing, clients and caregivers, you should still set up different offices to reflect all those unique characteristics. If you have one main office which handles the setup, administration, billing and payroll, but you have a larger census, so you want to group your clients and caregivers by (generally) geography, territories will be the way to go. Click here for a side-by-side comparison of Office VS. Territory

Click here for a video guide to setting up Territories

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