An update to the mobile app will be available on Wednesday, August 25 with Version number 2.15 for both iOS & Android. Caregivers will need to update their app on that date, prior to clocking in.

Ability to Download multiple records at once in Care History Report.

Under the Scheduling section → Care History report, currently, agency user(s) must download each record individually. From now on, agency user(s) will have an option to bulk download multiple records at once. A zip file will be downloaded containing all individual care history reports.

Added “Assessment ID” field in the Assessment form.

Currently, it is difficult to identify the assessment in the Variance Report. Now, using the Assessment ID field, it will be much easier for the agency users to identify the assessment in the variance report. The field is available under Facesheet section and will be visible at all places from where Care Plan or Assessment can be accessed.

“Service Type” will now be prefilled while creating the Master Schedule.

Currently, if “Default Service Type” in the Client profile has a value, then while creating a Schedule, the Service Type field is prefilled. Now this functionality is extended on the Master Schedule as well.

Added “Time” control with Date Range on Billing and Payroll screens.

Agency Users will now have additional “Time” controls with Date Range on the Billing and Invoicing screens, depending upon if it’s enabled from the Office settings or not.

Office Settings > Payroll Tab > Payroll Section - If “Split the schedule on payroll week Day & Time“ is checked, then a new dependent setting “Apply to Invoice as well as Payroll“ will be displayed. If the new setting is checked, then Invoice and Payroll screens will add Start and End Time, otherwise not.

Accounting > Billing and Finalized Invoice batch screen - Service Date Range field will now have Start Time and End Time controls.

Accounting > Payroll and Finalized Payroll batch screen - Service Date Range field will now have Start Time and End Time controls.

Change in Pay Period and Batch Mapping in Paychex

The agency users will now be able to map a single pay period in Paychex to multiple payroll batches (offices) in Caresmartz360. The users will be able to map batches from different offices to a single pay period. This would help in reducing the agency effort of creating multiple pay periods of the same time range for every batch. The date range must be the same for both batches that are being synced to Paychex.

Ability to filter by a caregiver in the invoicing section

User(s) will be able to filter by a caregiver on the create invoice screen in order to create invoices by caregiver.

Ability to print caregiver address on the invoices

User(s) will have the ability to include caregiver address on the invoice if they wish to.

User(s) will be have to enable the setting under Office settings → billing tab → Include invoice section, we have the ability to include Caregiver name & address both as the checkbox.

Please note only one caregiver name & address can be populated on the Invoice PDF. If there are multiple caregivers for the same client, no Caregiver name/address will be shown on the Invoice PDF.

Also note: this setting will only apply to NEW payers who are added to your system. If you need this for payers who already exist, you will need to manually update those payer profiles.

EVV Updates

Auto posting of visit(s) to TELLUS in Schedule status 24 hours in advance

System will auto post the visit(s) to TELLUS in NEWS ( schedule) status 24 hours in advance automatically via webservice. The service will run every 30 mins and look for visit(s) that were created in last 30 mins and already created for next 24 hours will be posted to TELLUS.

TELLUS Status Column Update

Earlier, TELLUS Status column was showing the CareSmartz status for the record that will be posted. With this release, the status will show the status at the time of the last posting (the auto-posts for 24 hours in advance and caregiver clock in/out). Once the agency has manually posted the record, then the status will be updated to COMP in this column, indicating that all steps have been completed and the claims have reached the Tellus portal. It is no longer required that the status be COMP prior to posting. The only requirement for posting is that the visit must be billed/partially billed.

HHA exchange - NJ - Implement “Caregiver filter” to filter the records on Caregiver entity

For HHA exchange - New jersey, Caregiver filter is introduced on Caregiver Posting screen in order to filter for a specific caregiver.

CareBridge Integration in the state of North Carolina

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with CareBridge in the state of North Carolina.

eMedNY integration in the State of New York

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with eMedNY in the state of New York

Sandata - Posting via Multiple accounts

For provider(s) having multiple Sandata production accounts, they will be able to do the posting via Caresmartz360 from Sandata data post screen itself by selecting the account they wish to post with.

Please note that set up will still have to be done in the existing format.

Mobile app updates

Caregivers can view visit notes for any date range in the past.

Earlier, Caregivers were only able to view the visit notes on Caregiver portal & Mobile app for last 7 days only.

Now, we have given the ability to allow the caregiver to search for visit notes from the past by applying any date range they wish to. Caregiver(s) will be able to see visit notes for past 7 days by default along with the ability to selected any specific date range to see specific results.

New color(s) introduced on Icons on the Shift detail screen on the Caregiver mobile app

By default blue color icons will be shown on shift detail screen when the function is not required. If the office settings indicate that the item is required, that specific icon will be shown in Amber color. Once the details are entered, it would either change to Grey (when it is only required to be entered once per the shift) or Blue when details can be changed or entered again.

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