The Scheduling Module>Open Shifts Calendar gives you a different way to see which shifts are open in the coming days.

At the top of the screen you can select filters to see just the information you need. You can filter by

  1. Office

  2. Territory

  3. Specific Client

By default, you will see the current week, but you can use the arrows to navigate to other weeks.

By looking at the week and scrolling down, you can see all the open shifts that still need to be filled.

To get a few more details about an open shift, click on it once. You will see the date and the time of the schedule on the summary tab. You can use the other tabs to

  • see any notes that you might need to consider in your scheduling process

  • copy the schedule to another day

  • send an SMS message to the client

  • delete the schedule

To open the schedule and see the full details or to assign a caregiver, click on the green View Detail button.

If you need help finding the best caregiver, you can click on the Find Caregiver button. This will navigate you to Scheduling>Find Caregiver, where you will be able to see which caregivers are available and their compatibility. From there, you can also send a bulk email or SMS message to those caregivers to learn whether they would like to be assigned to this shift.

For more help with the Find Caregiver module, click here.

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