The CareSmartz360 software is primarily designed for you to manage the payroll for your caregivers, but you can also use it for your office staff. There are 2 ways to do this.

Option 1

  1. Create your office as a "client"

  2. Create your staff as caregivers

    1. you will probably want to create a different caregiver role in your admin settings first

  3. Assign those caregivers to schedules in the office client

  4. Staff uses the mobile app to clock in/out

  5. You process your payroll


  • staff can record their lunch breaks or other unpaid time during the shift

  • mobile app will require that they are in the office

  • mobile app will record the specific time they arrive and leave


  • staff will have 2 logins: one for their daily work; one for punching in/out

  • you pay for the extra "client" (unless you use your 1 free test client)

Option 2

  1. Create a meeting type called Office Work (or whatever you want)

  2. Assign your office staff to meetings every day that correspond to their shift times

    1. you will need to assign 2 meetings each day for each office staff person: one for morning; one for afternoon

      1. for instance 8-12 and 1-5

  3. Someone manually changes the time of the person's meeting if they arrive late/leave early

  4. You approve the meetings

  5. You process your payroll


  • No extra login credentials for the staff

  • No extra cost to you


  • No way to verify when they arrived and left

  • More manual adjustments for when people have a need to arrive late or leave early

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