There are many activities that take place in the CareSmartz360 system. Oftentimes, you need to have an agency employee receive notification that something is new or changed.

You can access the notifications tab by clicking on the settings icon.

Select notifications under Office Settings.

You will see a list of all of your agency users and column headers with all of the different events which might require a notification.

You will probably need to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to see the full selection. There are 18 separate events for which you can set these notifications.

By checking the boxes in each column, you determine which agency user will be notified for which events. These notifications will be sent via email.

If you also want them sent via text message, you will need to make that selection in the Admin settings>Configuration.

At this time, you cannot select ONLY text message. Notifications will be sent via email and can also be sent via text.

Notifications are an important way that CareSmartz360 helps all of your agency staff stay informed without having other users send emails or make phone calls.

To view this information in video format, click HERE.

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