The Alerts tab in the office settings is for possible scheduling problems like a caregiver being assigned to be in two places at the same time or having an expired certification.

It is important to set your alerts, so your scheduler doesn’t schedule caregivers inappropriately.

You can access the alerts tab by clicking on the settings icon.

Then select the alerts tab under Office Settings

You can choose to

  • receive an alert which can be overridden

  • not to receive an alert

  • actually prohibit the creation of a schedule

The alerts will appear as a pop-up on the screen for the person creating the schedule.

  1. Schedule Overlaps indicates that the caregiver is already scheduled for a shift during the time(s) you have selected. This could also be if the caregiver's previous shift ends at the exact same time as the shift you are creating.

  2. Caregiver Compliance indicates that the caregiver you have selected has a license or certification that has expired

  3. Caregiver Not Preferred indicates that you have marked this caregiver/client combination as "not preferred" on the compatibility tab of either the client profile or the caregiver profile

  4. Caregiver Not Available indicates that someone has entered an unavailability for the caregiver for the time that you have selected for the schedule you are creating

  5. Exceeds Weekly or Daily Hours indicates that filling this shift will cause the caregiver to exceed the amount of "straight" time you have selected on the payroll tab, and you will have to pay OverTime to the caregiver to fill this shift.

You will not be able to change the selection for Exceeds weekly or Daily hours until after you set your OT settings on the Payroll Tab.

Click on Update after you have chosen your settings

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