When you create an invoice batch in CareSmartz360, the amount billed for each shift is determined by multiplying the billing rate on the shift by the number of units of time the caregiver spent on-site. For example, if the billing rate linked to the service type for that shift is $15 per hour, and the caregiver was on-site for four hours, the platform would automatically generate a figure of $60 to be billed.

This figure will generally be the amount that should be billed, however sometimes you may wish to change it on a once-off basis. Maybe you need to charge an extra hour for a supervisor's visit, or need to charge a higher rate for a once-off special service. In these situations, you are able to manually override either the number of units to be billed, the billing rate or both.

When using the manual override, you will need to create a new invoice batch, set the filters and search as you normally would. Find the client and payer you will be applying the change to, and use the arrow at the left of the line to expand. You will see the Total Units and Reg. Bill Rate ($) fields around the middle of the line.

Tick the box(es) next to the field(s) you need to adjust.

This will open the field for editing, allowing you to type the new amount in.

Once you have adjusted all shifts you need to, you can click the Recalculate button at the bottom right of the page to apply your changes and calculate the new invoice amount.

The batch will reload, and the invoice amounts shown will be updated based on your changes.

You can then finalize the batch and email or print and mail your invoices as per your normal process.


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