The payroll settings help the system know when your payroll week starts and ends, how much you pay for overtime, and whether you pay your caregivers for time and mileage between clients. Once this is all set up, the system will automatically calculate the rates and add them to your payroll.

You can get to the Payroll settings by clicking on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

When the new window opens, select Payroll under Office Settings.

If you use ADP Workforce Now for payroll processing, please put your ADP ID in this text field.

Set your Office’s Week Start Day as it impacts your payroll. Don’t forget to set the start time. Most agencies use midnight, but you might not, so it’s important that you actually select the time.

Be Aware: After you have processed the first payroll, you will not be able to change the fields for Week Start Day and Time.

Choose the frequency of your payroll processing.

If you have overnight shifts, the next check box can be important. If an overnight shift spans two payroll periods, do you want the shift to break at midnight, so that the first half of the shift is paid on the old payroll period and the second half of the shift is paid on the new one?

If you want Caresmartz to split overnight shifts that span two payroll periods, check this box.

If you will be submitting EVV data, you will likely need to have the caregiver Social Security numbers in their profile. Checking this box will require your agency users to add that number prior to saving the caregiver’s profile. If you don’t check it, the number can still be added; it just won’t be required.

If you have Paychex Flex, you can work with your Implementation Specialist to complete the steps of integrating with CareSmartz360. These fields are where you will put the integration data.

The next section relates to Overtime Settings for your office. You select the number of hours that will be considered “straight time” and then enter the multiplier for any hours over that.

If you never pay overtime, leave all the boxes blank.

Please Note: The overtime settings enable overtime for both the payroll and billing. If you don’t want OT to be calculated when you create your invoices, you will make that selection on the Billing tab.

Earlier, we addressed splitting overnight shifts if they span 2 payroll periods. This setting here will split ALL overnight shifts at midnight. This may be required for Medicaid billing. You can select this here and then de-select it on the client profile. This setting should reflect what MOST of your clients will need. Then, you’ll only need to adjust the clients who have different billing needs.

The travel time settings allow you to pay your caregivers for travel time/mileage between client shifts. This is NOT where you set things up for the caregiver to add an expense if he/she drives the client to an appointment. This is for time spent traveling between client schedules.

Select whether you pay for time, for mileage, or for both. Set the rates you will pay per mile and per hour. The CareSmartz360 software will then automatically calculate the amount you should pay the caregiver, based on GoogleMaps data for time and distance.

The top Max minutes indicates that you will pay for the full amount of time you enter in this field, regardless of the amount of time spent traveling. For instance, if you enter 60 here, but it only takes 30 minutes to travel from 1 client to another (according to GoogleMaps), you will be paying for the full hour.

You can also set a maximum number of miles you are willing to pay, regardless of the distance. For instance, it might actually be 35 miles between clients, but you will only pay for 20.

You can also set “Reasonable time”.

In this case, you would set the maximum time between shifts, but you will still only pay the amount of time that GoogleMaps expects the travel to take.

And you can set a maximum number of minutes you will pay.

The last Travel Time setting indicates whether you will pay for travel between any consecutive shifts or only consecutive shifts that fall on the same calendar day. For instance, if a caregiver works for Client A on Monday and then works for Client B on Tuesday, would you pay for travel between those two clients, or do you only pay if the schedules are on the same calendar day?

Once you have completed your payroll settings, press the Update button.

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