Caregivers can clock in/out, complete tasks, and make note of any specifics regarding those tasks, all from the mobile app.

Once the caregiver has clocked in, he/she can mark tasks individually or mark all tasks at once by just tapping in the circle

As soon as even 1 circle has been tapped, a new window will open where the caregiver can mark the task(s) as

  • Complete

  • Not Complete

  • Client Refused

  • Not Applicable

When the caregiver taps the appropriate icon, a new window open where they can leave notes and even attach a file, like a picture from their mobile device, if they want to.

If the caregiver indicates Not Complete, Client Refused, or Not Applicable, a reason will be required.

The caregiver will need to click the SAVE button to save the selected status and any relevant notes.

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