From the Open Shifts feature in their mobile app or their browser portal, your caregivers can see any shift that you have created that is not currently assigned to another caregiver. If they find a shift that they would like to fill, they can request that shift. Agency users can be notified of the shift request and then make the assignments accordingly.

From the Mobile App

Caregivers navigate to "Calendar" at the bottom of the screen and then to "Open" at the top of the screen. Then, just tap on any schedule that they are interested in filling.

When the shift opens, the caregiver can see what tasks will be included in the care for the client and can then request the shift

From the Browser Portal

Caregivers can log in and navigate to the Calendar from the dashboard screen

From the calendar screen, use the drop-down menu and select View Open Shifts

If there is more than 1 open shift for any day, the caregiver can click on the three small dots to expand to the Day View

Caregivers can see the Shift information in the tabs at the top and then click the button to request the shift

When a shift has been requested, the agency user(s) indicated in this field of the Office Settings>Main tab will be notified via email.

They can manage/assign the shift requests from Scheduling>Open Shifts Manager>Caregiver>Agency

For more details on using the Open Shifts Manager, click HERE.

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