CareSmartz360 provides some tools to help you fill open shifts.

One way is by using "Find Caregiver".

Once you have sent the emails/sms messages to the caregivers, you can manage the replies and assign the schedules from the Open Shifts Manager>Agency to Caregiver

You can use the individual arrows to expand information for each client and then each caregiver

You can also use the main arrow at the top of the list to expand for all clients and all caregivers

After you expand the information, you can see how the caregiver has replied

If the caregiver has indicated availability, you can use the + icon to assign the caregiver to the schedule

Another way is for your caregivers to use the Open Shifts feature from their mobile app or browser portal.

Once they have requested the shift, you can see it from the Open Shifts Manager>Caregiver>Agency

You'll want to set your date range to see the open shifts that have been requested.

Just like on the other tab, you can use the arrows to expand one client at a time, or use the arrow at the top to expand everyone at once.

You can use the + sign to assign the caregiver to the schedule

Once you have made the shift assignment from either of these pages, you will probably want to send the caregiver a quick SMS or email message to let him/her know that you have assigned the shift. They will not be notified automatically.

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