Click here for a video about how to create and publish Master Schedules

Click here for a help article about how to create and publish Master Schedules

If you have the Master Schedules already created, and you just want to know how to publish them, here are the steps.

Navigate to Scheduling>Publish Master Schedules

When the page opens, you will see Weekly Schedules for the next week, but you can use the buttons to navigate to bi-weekly or monthly schedules and other weeks.

Using the blue arrow on the left will expand, so you can see all schedules for that client. If you need to make a change, you can use the Edit icon in the Action column. If you have forgotten to add a bill or pay rate, you'll see that message in red, so you can correct this.

Once you have confirmed that the schedules are correct, just check the boxes and then click on Publish.

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