You have the ability to enable the "Break" feature in Caresmartz360. This option allows your caregivers to Log a Break or a Rest Period during each schedule they are assigned to.

For more information on how Caregivers go about Logging a Break on the Mobile App or on their Caregiver Web Portal click this button.

Activating the Break Feature

You will need to activate the Break feature by navigating to Office Settings. Under the "Main" tab, you will find the "Enable Breaks and Rest Periods" option near the bottom of the page.

Once selected, the "Log a Break" feature will be active. When clocking out, if your Caregiver has not logged a break, the system will prompt them to enter a break if they wish to do so.

Modifying the Break Types

You can add various break types which your caregivers can choose from when logging a break. You can also decide whether you want to make them billable and/or payable.

To add and edit break types, navigate to your Settings menu. Under the Scheduling, DDM - Scheduling menu, select "Break Type" from the drop-down menu.

To add a break type, simply click the "+Add" button at the top of the screen and select whether you want to have the Break default to be Billable/Payable, or not.

CareSmartz360 automatically subtracts the break duration from the final shift duration.

Viewing and Overriding Break Info

To see more information on a break that occurred, select the schedule in question, and navigate to the "Break Info" tab on the left. From here you will be able to see the type of break that was logged, whether it is set to be billable and payable, and the duration logged in minutes. You will also be able to edit and delete this break from the selected schedule.

Clicking on the "Edit" icon in the action column allows you to override the Break info.

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