CareSmartz360 has the option for users from any state to use the Virginia DMAS-90 form to report completed tasks and client/caregiver signatures.

Agency users must enable this function from the Office settings. Enabling this setting will ask mandatory questions from the Caregiver which will be required prior to clocking out.

From this set-up window, agency users will turn on the functionality. They can also add new questions and edit or delete the questions that are in the system by default.

Also in the office Settings, the agency user will need to select the option for Client Signature required on the Main tab.

When setting up and configuring the service types, the agency user will need to indicate the TYPE

Upon clock out, the caregiver will reply “yes” or “no” to each of the questions

If the caregiver indicates “yes”, then he/she will be required to leave a response providing more details. Default responses are provided.

Agency users can provide more/edit default reply options from Admin>Scheduling>DDM-Scheduling>DMAS90 Answer Template

Upon clock out, the caregiver will be required to provide his/her signature

The client signature will also be required. The caregiver can indicate whether the signature is from the specific client or from some representative of the client. If an audio file is required, the caregiver will select “Audio” and then the client can record his/her name.

If audio files will be required for any clients, the agency user will need to enable that in the Office Settings>Main

Agency User can also see the Questionnaire from Schedule Window > Questionnaire tab. Clicking on “Download DMAS-90” will download the form.

Agency users can see a report for the full week by navigating to Scheduling>DMAS-90 Weekly Summary

Agency users can also create a report

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