The steps and prerequisites for a successful Paychex integration with CareSmartz360 system are mentioned below:

1. You would need your Paychex Company ID (Customer ID) and credentials to start with the integration process in the CareSmartz360 system.

2. Once you have all the information mentioned above, you would need to reach out to the CareSmartz360 team to enable the Paychex option under Accounting Section and to send the 3rd Party Integration API feed to Paychex.

3. Once we have enabled the Paychex option on your account, the next step will be to navigate to Office Settings> Payroll Tab.

4. Under the payroll tab, you would need to enter the Company ID, User name, and the Password of your Paychex account.

5. Once the account is authenticated, please navigate to the Accounting> Paychex Integration tab to complete the Caregiver Matching, Staff Matching, and PayCode Matching.

6. The Caregiver Matching is used to export the caregiver to the Paychex system OR match the caregivers from CareSmartz360 to existing caregiver profiles in Paychex.

You would need to click on the 'Fetch all Records from Paychex' button to fetch the existing Paychex employee information synced to CareSmartz360.

7. The staff matching option works in a similar way as caregiver matching, the only difference is that the staff matching is done for the Agency users, not the caregivers.

8. The Paycode matching is done to map the services you provide in CareSmartz360 with the Paycode list you have in Paychex.

9. Paychex Logs option will help you identify the errors you might encounter during the export/matching process.

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