You will be able to reset Caregiver and Other Staff member passwords from their respective listing page. For caregivers, the user needs to navigate to Caregivers Listing Page:-

Type the name of the caregiver in the search bar or look for specific caregivers> click on the key icon to the right corner in front of the desired caregiver> enter the temporary credentials which your caregiver will need to use to reset the password.

Once the above-mentioned steps are performed, the system will send an email to the caregiver to set up a new password using the link in the email and activate the account.

Similarly, for other staff members, you need to follow the same steps. Once you click on the key icon system will ask the agency user to enter a temporary password which will be sent in the email of the respective caregiver.

When you click the key icon, you will need to enter a TEMPORARY password (twice). This will initiate an email to the person with a link for them to click to reset the password to something they will remember.

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