Sometimes a caregiver is unable to clock-in/clock-out due to out of range error and the GPS exception report shows that the Caregiver was "XX" number of miles away. We can resolve it by manually dropping the pin on the Map next to the Client address in the Main tab of the Client profile.

Edit client profile, scroll down to the Contact Details section, and click on “view in map”. Make sure that the red “pin” is actually where the client lives. If it isn’t, you can click on the pin and drag it to the correct location and hit update to save the pin location.

Once they place the pin at the desired location and hit update, the system will save the updated pin location for clock in/out and won't change the address in records. The latitude and longitude are saved as per the pin location but the physical address remains unchanged in our records. Agency clock-in/out rules are applied as per the pin location.

GPS/location accuracy depends upon the service provider of the area. We can only make the phone and GPS settings correct but what data it fetches that depends on network service provider.

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