CareSmartz360 is integrated with QuickBooks online and desktop. You can setup the desktop version by following the below mentioned steps:

Login to CareSmartz360.

Go to the Accounting / Billing / QuickBooks Integration.

Now select the Account Mode as Desktop from drop down under QuickBooks Mode tab and select the respective Office then click save.

It will take you to the Installation page (second tab) which shows .qwc (QuickBooks web connector) file that you need to install on your system. On the Installation screen on CareSmartz, you will have the steps to perform while installing the .qwc fle.

Note: If you are using Right Networks, please make sure to install the .qwc file on Right Networks system and not on the local system.

QuickBooks sync settings.

Once you complete the .qwc installation, in order to refresh the screen, Click on Accounting >> QuickBooks Integration select office and it will directly take you to the QuickBooks sync settings to proceed further with the integration.

Now under the General Preferences select the respective details in the drop down for mentioned fields and click Save.

You can select the Client name Format and the system will create the client profile in QuickBooks with the selected format when you check the "Add to QuickBooks" option under the Client Matching tab.

In the Accounts Receivables preferences, drop-down select the income account that you use in your QuickBooks for all the incomes.

Under the Billing drop-down, you can select the service name that you use for your advance deposits from the clients.

Under Payroll>> Item Name for your Payroll, you would need to select the account you use for your expenses in QuickBooks.

Under Item Name for your services, you would need to select the name of the service that you use for your payroll in QuickBooks.

Service Type Matching: Once you save the General Preferences it will take you to the Service Type Matching tab where you can match the CareSmartz service types with your QuickBooks Item List services to export the invoices from CareSmartz to QuickBooks.

To avoid any confusion we suggest adding the service types by the same name in QuickBooks Item List under List> Item List, and then run the Web connector and refresh the page to view the added service type. However, if you already have service items in your QuickBooks, then you can use the existing ones.

**Note: Make sure you click on the Save button at the bottom of each page after making any changes to save them successfully.

Class Matching: CareSmartz provides you an option to match your QuickBooks Classes with CareSmartz Territories for your Invoicing/Payroll purposes.

Paycode Matching: This field is required to export your Payroll TimeSheets successfully to QuickBooks. Under this section, you can match each Payroll Item from your QuickBooks Payroll Item List with the CareSmartz service type. This matching is done to inform the system which service type will go to QuickBooks by what name on your Payroll Line Items.

***Note:- You would need to match all the Holiday and OT multipliers that your agency will be using in CareSmartz, otherwise the TimeSheet with these multipliers will not export to QuickBooks.

Client Matching: It will pull the list of your Active customers from QuickBooks in the QuickBooks Customer drop-down list. If the clients exist in QuickBooks by the exact same name (spellings) it will automatically show in the QuickBooks Customer Box instead of "Don't Match". However, if the spelling for the client's name are different in QuickBooks and CareSmartz, you will see Don't Match instead of the clients name in the QuickBooks Customer Box.

If you don't have any client in QuickBooks but is present in CareSmartz, then you have to click on Add to QuickBooks option and the system will create a new profile for this client in your QuickBooks system.

**Note:-You will see the client's new profile in QuickBooks after running the web-connector only.

Caregiver Matching: It works in the same manner as Client Matching, the only difference is that you have vendors and contractors in your QuickBooks, but our system will only show/add the caregivers from/to the Employee section of your QuickBooks.

Staff Matching: If you have any Staff/Agency User present in CareSmartz, they will appear in this section and you can match them if you want to export their Payroll TimeSheets. You can also add them to QuickBooks by following a similar process as the clients/caregiver matching section.

Payment Methods: You need to match the payment methods that you would be using to process your payments if you want to send the method to QuickBooks along with your Payment Amount for the invoices.

QuickBooks Payment Sync: This option is a Global option and will allow syncing the payment details to QuickBooks from CareSmartz and to CareSmartz from QuickBooks. Payments are the only option that works both ways in QuickBooks-CareSmartz integration.

Expense Matching: If you allow caregivers to add the Expenses and want to send that to QuickBooks invoices, then you have to match the Expenses in order to export the Invoice.

**Note:- Expenses will only be exported to QuickBooks on Invoices and not in Payroll Timesheet.

QuickBooks Error Logs: This section will help you in finding the reason for an unsuccessful transaction of Payment, Invoice, TimeSheet, Client, Caregiver or Staff between CareSmartz and QuickBooks. You can select the details in the filter to view the record.

Credit/Adjustments Matching: If you give any discounts or apply any additional charges to the client invoices and want to send them to QuickBooks, you will have to make sure these options are matched under Credit/Adjustment Matching.

Disconnect: Do not click on Disconnect as it will remove the Integration between your CareSmartz and QuickBooks.

Note: You always need to run Web Connector after adding or making changes in the details so the systems can sync the information, only then you will be able to see the exported information/data on the other system.

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