The Open Shift(s) Request widget will show you all open shifts requested by a caregiver. When you create a shift with no caregiver assigned, it is marked as an open shift. Depending on the permissions you have set, caregivers can access these shifts from the mobile app and/or caregiver portal, and request that they be assigned to the shift. It is these requests that appear in the widget. You will be able to see the name of the client the shift is for, name of the caregiver requesting it, start and end dates/times for the shift, and the time the request was updated.

Clicking on the name of either the client or the caregiver will take you to their profile.

At any time, you can use the refresh button next to the title to update the widget, or click on the date to display requests for shifts on a different date.

Clicking View All will take you to the Open Shift(s) Manager in the Scheduling Module, where you can assign the shift(s) to the caregiver who has requested them.


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