The My Open Shifts widget on the Dashboard will show you open tasks associated with any client, payer, caregiver, staff, prospective client, caregiver applicant or address book entry. The tasks that appear will be those either created by or assigned to the user viewing the Dashboard.

For each task, you will be able to see the entity it is linked to, its subject, due date and status, as well as who it is assigned to.

Clicking on either the subject or due date will take you to the Task/Communication tab for the relevant entity, allowing you to review the task and make any changes.

At any time, you can use the refresh button next to the title to update the widget. Selecting View All will open your personal calendar, allowing you to see all your tasks in a calendar format.

Clicking on the + New Task button will bring up a selection menu, allowing you to choose who the task should be linked to.

Use the Select Entity section to choose the type of entity you will be linking the task to. You will then be able to use the drop-down menu to determine the specific person from that list. After selecting from the drop-down, you can use the Continue button to be taken to that person's Task/Communication tab, where you can create the task.


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