CareSmartz360 has two different ways that the system can automatically clock your caregivers in and out.

The first way is something that you set when you create the shift. This is primarily used for live-in caregivers, so they don't have to clock in/out each day.

When you make this selection, the software will automatically clock in your caregiver at the start of the shift and then clock them out at the end of the shift. If you create a recurrence, this selection will apply to all of the schedules in the recurrence.

NOTE: This will not be EVV compliant, as you don't have verification from the caregiver mobile that provides the location of the caregiver at the time of clock in/out.

ALSO NOTE: The caregiver will get an error if they try to Clock In/Clock Out on the Mobile App

The second way is set in the Office Settings>Main Tab. This is to allow auto-clock in/out for back-to-back shifts that have the same client and same caregiver for consecutive shifts. Most often this is used by agencies billing Medicaid in states where 1 caregiving shift might include multiple service types.

In this case, the caregiver will clock in for the first shift and then clock out at the end of the last shift. The system will perform all clock in/out functions for any shifts in between the initial, manual clock in and the final, manual clock out.

In the example below, the caregiver (Arnold) would clock in at 8:00, using the mobile app or telephony. The software would perform the clock out at 9:30, the clock in at 9:30, the clock out at 10:30, and the clock in at 10:30. Then, Arnold would clock out, using the mobile app or telephony, at 12:00.

As long as the first clock in and the final clock out include the location required for EVV, this will be EVV compliant. Because the EVV data for the clock in/out functions performed by the software automatically will not include latitude and longitude captured from the caregiver's mobile app, you may need to add reason codes to all of the schedules, depending on which aggregator or clearinghouse you are using.

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