The Open Shifts widget on your CareSmartz360 dashboard will show you all shifts coming up in the next four weeks that do not have a caregiver assigned (Open Shifts). You will be able to see the client as well as the date and time for each shift.

As well as viewing these shifts, you can manage them easily from here, as each row in the widget contains three separate links to helpful pages.

Clicking on the client name will open the Schedule tab of the client's profile in a new tab, allowing you to open and edit the open shift, as well as review any past shifts if needed.

Clicking on the schedule date and time will open the Find Caregiver feature from the Scheduling module in a new tab. This feature allows you to search for caregivers who are available to take the shift, and match them to the client based on their skills and the client's needs.

Clicking on the calendar icon under the Action heading will directly open the shift in a new window, allowing you to assign it, as well as make any other necessary changes.

At any time, you can use the refresh button next to the title to update the widget.

Selecting View All will open the Open Shifts Calendar from the Scheduling module in a new tab, giving you a comprehensive view of upcoming open shifts, as well as the ability to open and assign those shifts.


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