CareSmartz360 is integrated with AuthentiCare to post data. There are three steps, first the Agency sends Attestation form to AuthentiCare, second - record the details which are required, third - process to post the data.

For Arkansas—Agencies need to complete and submit the Arkansas DHS Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Third-Party System Attestation form to AuthentiCare and then update CareSmartz360 and our development team will do the setup.

Required details:

Add the Provider NPI and Provider EIN information in the Admin settings>Agency>EVV Configuration select AuthentiCare and office name.

Note: The Username and Password under the EVV configuration will be the one AuthentiCare sends directly to the CareSmartz360 EVV team. This is not the agency's AuthentiCare portal login credentials.

Tax ID needs to be entered in the Office Settings>Billing Tab.

Client’s Medicaid ID must be present under client’s profile Main tab.

Enter the State ID under the caregiver profile Main tab.

Client shifts must be associated with Authorization(s) defined in the system under the client Profile Rates tab which appear when editing the Payer.

Process to Post the Data:

Create and finalize Invoices for the shifts and AuthUnits get populated in AuthentiCare Manual Data Post report.

Original system claims filling source (method of clock in/out)– It should be either Web/IVR or Mobile, in case it is done by the user it should be Web. In case the shift was approved directly without entering the clock in/out it will be blank.

User will have to ensure that the visit records that are getting posted have the data entered especially the fields marked with RED *.

Once the data is entered & corrected, Users can then go to the AuthentiCare Manual data post screen to post the data. Select the records & Post to AuthentiCare.

After posting the data, it would automatically be posted to AuthentiCare with "Success Data posted successfully" message. To view the error/rejection go to AuthentiCare portal and make changes in CareSmartz360 and post the data again.

Navigation to the Report.

Click on Report icon on left corner and click on EVV.

Now on next page click on report name AuthentiCare Manual Data Post report.

Once the report is open select the respective details and filter and then click on search. Now you need to select the respective records in the result and once you check mark, report will start showing the Post to AuthentiCare option.

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