On the Dashboard > Open Shifts widget > Open Shifts for one month will appear on the Dashboard. All the schedules not yet assigned to a caregiver are shown as open shifts. Open shifts appear in ascending order from the current date followed by day after and so on as shown in the screenshot below.

The Open shifts on the Dashboard now enables the users to easily match and assign a caregiver for the open shifts. On clicking the schedule date as shown in the screenshot it will pop up "Find caregiver" screen.

The new feature suggests caregivers on the basis of a score (calculated by matching the attributes of the client and the caregiver), and distance (of the caregiver from the client’s address), where the score is given precedence over the distance by the system.

From here, the agency can assign a caregiver for open shifts for a client by selecting the compatible caregiver and click on the + sign to assign it to the schedule.

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