The Missed Check-In/ Check-Out widget will show you shifts where the clock-in and/or clock-out did not occur within the window set in your Office Settings.

The widget will show records for the current day by default, however you can use the calendar icon at the top right of the widget to choose a different day to view.

Each entry shows either a clock-in or clock-out that was missed and includes three links. Clicking the name of either the client or the caregiver will open their profile in a new tab.

If you click the "Missed Clock In/Missed Clock Out" heading, a pop-up window will open, which will allow you to manually record a time for the clock-in or clock-out, as well as add notes.

Clicking the View All button at the very top right of the widget will open the Time Tracking Views page from the Scheduling module, with the filter set to show shifts with missed clock-in records.


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