Background work

Request testing credentials from Tellus and send them to CareSmartz360

After the development team has finished adding Tellus to your portal

  1. Set up the Office information in the Admin settings

  2. In the payer profile, set Tellus as the Aggregator for any payer you will be submitting through Tellus

  3. Add the Country, City, and State for the PAYER

  4. In the Payer profile Billing tab, confirm that you have added the Procedure Codes

  5. In the client profile, on the rates tab, make sure that the clients have their authorizations set up and the Claim File Indicator Code set to Medicaid

  6. Make sure that the schedules are assigned to the authorizations

Billing and Submitting

Confirm that the status of the schedules is “Approved”

Create the invoices

Submit to Tellus

Navigate to Reports>EVV>Tellus Data Post

Use the filters at the top of the page to select the schedules you want to post and click the “Search” button. Most agencies just need Client, Payer, Date Range.

3. When you see the list, confirm that every line has a Procedure Code, Diagnosis code associated with it and Bill Status showing Billed/Partially Billed. Once Data posted Tellus Status will change to COMP.

4. Check the boxes next to the schedules you want to post or use the box at the top to select them all, and then click the Post to Tellus button

5. If everything has been set up correctly, you should see checkmarks to indicate that the schedules have posted successfully. You will also see a pop-up message indicating that you have successfully posted the schedules.

Check for rejected files

  1. Navigate to Reports>EVV>Tellus Details

  2. Use the filters to set the date range and then select the status you want to see from the drop-down.

  3. For any rejected claim, you can select the Show Detail button to see what the problem is. You can then make the correction.

4. After you have fixed the problem, you can Repost the Batch.

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