Caregivers can submit their unavailability from both the mobile app and web portal.

On the web portal, In the Unavailability section, Caregivers can add their unavailability for a specific date range to inform their absence. Any unavailability they add for their profiles will be shown to their agencies so that they can assign schedules accordingly.

To create new unavailability for a certain date they need to click on + New as highlighted in the screenshot:

Next, they select a reason, start and end time. They can add comments and select all day if the caregiver will be unavailable for the entire day. In the next step, they can add range and recurrence as shown in the picture below:

In the mobile app, on the dashboard the caregiver has an option to select unavailability. By clicking on + sign can add new unavailability and create the recurrence and click on save or modify the applied unavailability. Refer to the screenshot below:

Drop drown of Unavailability Reasons are managed from Admin Settings > Scheduling > DDM > Unavailability Reason.

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