In CareSmatz360 Agency/Admin users can create Meetings for staff for different internal purposes. These meetings will not be billed to clients and the agency can control if they wish to pay for these meetings or not.

Admin can configure the Meeting types in Settings >> Scheduling >> DDM Scheduling. Now select the Meeting Type in the Drop Down list.

On the Next page click on the +Add button and it will show the fields at the bottom to add. Is Active option will be checked by default, if you uncheck this then added new Meeting type will not appear to select.

Now click on Meeting type and on the next page you will see all the meetings type present in your account. Now click on +Configure Meeting Type.

Once you click on it on the same page you will see the details appear to configure meeting type. Select the Meeting type from drop-down, select the Default pay flags and Default units and these details will appear automatically when you select the respective meeting while scheduling a meeting (it can be changed manually while creating a meeting). Remember to hit save or update.

Go to Home >> Caregivers >> Other Staff or Log in to the system as an Agency User, Owner or Admin.

Click the Edit icon to enter the staff’s profile.

Click the Schedule tab.

Click the Add Staff Schedule button.

In the pop-up window enter the following information:

Start and end dates of the meeting.

Meeting Type (Internal meeting is the default, configured in Office Settings).

Pay Unit Type (configured in Office Settings).

Participant(s) (this will show all caregivers and agency staff that are active in CareSmartz360. Select those whom you want to invite for the meeting).

Click the Save button which will add the meeting to all the invited users’ calendars.

You may also create the recurrence as per your requirement option will appear when you hit save, click on Yes and then select the recurrence pattern as per your requirement on the next page and hit update.

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