Your clients' status may frequently change if they need to be hospitalized or in rehab for an extended period of time, or if a family member is caring for them for a few weeks. You will want to change the client status to reflect whether they are currently receiving care from your agency or not.

From your client list, select the edit icon

You will want to check the schedule for any shifts that have been worked already and approve them. Once you make the client inactive, you won't be able to change the shift status.

Once the shifts have been approved, navigate to the main tab of the profile, you can use the drop-down to select the correct status.

**If you need to have any status other than the default ones CareSmartz provides, you can add them Admin>Client>DDM-Client Management>Client Status**

If there are approved schedules that haven't been invoiced yet, CareSmartz will ask if you want to proceed to bill them now.

If you select no, the schedules will be invoiced the next time you do billing for that date range, even if the client is inactive.

If you select yes, the billing tab will open for you to complete the final billing for this client.

To complete the status change, just select the date the client became inactive, select the reason, and then check the box if you want to delete all future schedules (from the current day forward)

If the client has been inactive and is now needing your service again, you can access the client profile by using the filter on the client list screen

Then you can edit the client profile and change the status back to active.

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