The Care Alerts widget will show information from the Care Alerts tab of your client profiles including:

· Caregiver Notes

· Caregiver Tasks

· Family Feedback

· Client Feedback

You can use the tabs to select which type of record you wish to see.

The widget will show the last 24 hours by default, however you can use the date range selector to choose a different date range.

Clicking on a client or caregiver name will take you to their portal and clicking on schedule times will take you to the Schedule tab of the client's profile.

The View All button will open a different report, depending on which tab you have selected.

· Caregiver Notes: Caregiver Notes Report (Scheduling Reports)

· Caregiver Tasks: Task Report by Client (Client Reports)

· Family Feedback: Schedule Feedback by Caregivers (Scheduling Reports)

· Client Feedback: Schedule Feedback by Client (Scheduling Reports)

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