Sometimes agencies need to alert their clients about changes in the office hours or contacts, or maybe send holiday greetings. You could send a bulk SMS message, or Caresmartz makes it easy to send an email to several, or all, of your clients at once.

First, navigate to your client list and expand the number of rows per page to allow you to send the greatest number at once.

Next, check the boxes next to the clients you want to receive the message. Checking the box at the top will select ALL the people on that page

As soon as you check the boxes, you'll see the options to email and text appear in the upper right corner. Just select the envelope icon to send an email.

When the email window opens, select the template and enter the subject of the email

**NOTE** all the client email addresses will show in the "to" field, but each client will only see his/her own address.

Enter your content in the white space between the greeting and the closing. CareSmartz will automatically enter the name of the client in the greeting and put your name, title and contact information in the closing.

If you want to attach a document, use the "select" icon to add it.

When you have your message complete, click the send button at the bottom.

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