NOTE: Not all features are immediately available to all agency users. You should always go to Admin Settings and update the permissions for your agency users at the time of a new feature release, if required for that feature.

1. Ability to export finalized invoice as .CSV file.

User(s) will have the ability to export finalized invoice(s) as a .csv file from the View Finalized Invoice Batch screen.

User(s) can either export one invoice or multiple invoices at once, based on the items selected on this screen.

The following details will be available in the .csv export:

-> Date of service
-> Start time of service
-> End time of service
-> Service type
-> Units of service
-> Rate of service
-> Caregiver name
-> Total
-> Holiday/OT units/rates

2. Notification to office users when a caregiver adds an unavailability.

Agency or Admin user(s) can now receive notifications when a caregiver adds unavailability via the mobile app or caregiver portal.

An Admin User can configure which user(s) will receive these notifications from Office Settings → Notifications tab

3. Log a Shift Decline reason when unassigning a Caregiver from a shift and leaving it as open.

User(s) will have the ability to log a shift decline reason at the time of removing the caregiver from a shift & marking it as open shift. The system will prompt the user once they click Update. The reason will be captured and will be applied to that shift and/or recurrence if selected by the user.

4. Set default value as True/checked to Apply Authorization.

When bulk editing from the Schedule Calendar, the default value for Apply Authorization will be set as "Checked." This value will be set as true for all the bulk edits being done, so that the Authorization does not get removed at the time of making any changes or updating multiple schedules.

5. Add Billing Rate to the grid in the authorization.

User(s) will be able to see the billing rates under the authorization grid on the rates tab of the client profile.

6. Ability to exempt specific client(s) from overtime calculations.

User(s) will have the ability to exempt specific client profile(s) from overtime calculations on invoices.

If under office settings > billing, "Do you charge OT on client invoices?" is enabled, then agency will have the ability to exempt individual clients from overtime calculations by checking the box on the main page of the client profile.

7. Client Statement Report to reflect deposits

Client Statement Report (V2) is now updated to include the deposits received from Clients.

8. Caregiver Late Arrival report.

Agencies will now be able to report on caregivers based on how late their Clock-In occurred. To find this report, navigate to Reports>Scheduling.

In this report, user(s) will be able to input a number (mins) which would then be used to filter the results. In other words, if the number is 5, the only shifts that would show are the ones where actual clock-in time was more than 5 minutes greater than the scheduled clock-in time.

9. Update on Client Authorization Expiration Report to have Territory filter.

The Client Authorization Expiration report is now updated to include a territory filter.

10. Update: Reports named Caregiver Payable Hours & Client Billable Hours to include OT and Holiday Hours.

Client Billable and Payable Hours reports under Scheduling will now include Overtime and Holiday calculations.

Additionally, these reports have been updated to provide only approved schedules, which are set as Billable (For Client Billable Report), and Payable (For Caregiver Payable Hours) report.

11. Caregiver Quick View.

From now on, user(s) will have the ability to see a caregiver quick view similar to the client quick view by clicking the caregiver's name from the list or by selecting the icon in the People Search field.

12. Ability to Add Modifiers from the Authorization Pop-Up

User(s) will now have the ability to add service type modifiers from the authorization pop-up window.

While creating or updating the authorization, user(s) can add the modifier. Once the modifier is added and the client - payer section is updated, the system will ask the user to perform a "sync payer" action. Once the payer sync is done, the modifier will be copied and applied to each schedule that is not finalized yet.

13. New report - Client Status Change.

We have introduced a new report in the system named Client Status Change under Reports → Clients tab. The purpose of this report is to see the date when the status for a client was changed and the reason for that change.

14. Remove caregiver from conflicting shifts at the time of adding unavailability.

From now on, system will ask the agency/admin users(s) if they wish to remove the caregiver from any conflicting shifts at the time of adding a caregiver unavailability.

15. If Agency has not opted for any SMS service, then caregivers will not see the SMS number in their App.

For agencies who wish to opt out of SMS services under Configure SMS Services, the agency's SMS number will no longer be visible on the caregiver mobile app profile screen.

16. Allow users to change the caregiver on one or more shifts when bulk editing from the Group by Caregiver view on Schedule calendar.

User(s) will have the ability to change caregivers from multiple shifts at once from the schedule calendar. Under Group by Caregiver>Multiple Schedule Update, user(s) can change the caregiver from the existing one to any other caregiver for the selected shifts from the Caregiver drop down.

17. Restricting admin & agency users to be shown in list of Care Coordinator / Supervisor and Manager drop downs.

User(s) will have the ability to determine the admin/agency users to be shown in the list of care coordinator/supervisor/Manger dropdown menus in the Caregiver profile.

While creating or modifying the admin or agency user, there will be 3 checkboxes shown at the bottom of the form, where the user can select which drop down list(s) will include the new user.

i) Show on care coordinator list

ii) Show on supervisor list

iii) Show on manager list

For user(s), users for whom any checkbox is enabled will be shown in the corresponding list in the caregiver profile. By default, it will be enabled for all users and can be turned off as the agency chooses.

18. Ability to add 'approved" services to Payer.

The service type that was selected in the client authorization will show as "Authorized Services" under the service type drop-down in the schedule creation window.

On the Schedule window, the service type drop-down will be divided into 2 sections

i) Authorized services

ii) General services

If a Client authorization is defined, the service type will appear under authorized services in the service type drop down when creating or updating a schedule.

19. Ability to override total units fields while creating the invoice.

User(s) will now have the ability to modify/override the total unit field on the invoice batch screen, prior to finalizing the invoice. On click of the checkbox, the total unit field against that schedule will be enabled, and the user will be able to modify the units. Once the units are updated and the Recalculate button is clicked, the calculation for that schedule will refresh.

20. Add option to hide "Race" field

User(s) will have the ability to hide the "Race" field from Client, Caregiver & Other staff section if they wish to by disabling the "Capture Race Detail" option.

If an agency would like to capture the race details, they will have to enable this setting from Office Setting -> Main tab, and then "Race" will be visible under all of the following sections in the portal.

  • Client Details

  • Client Assessment

  • Caregiver Details

  • Other Staff Details

By default, this setting will be enabled for all customers.

21. Enable Affordable Care Act Report for all agencies

All agencies will be able to see the Affordable care act report in our system under Reports -> Scheduling tab.

22. Allow User to respond to a message from the alert (bell) icon on Dashboard

User(s) will now have the ability to reply to incoming SMS messages from the bell icon at the top of the screen.

23. Mark SMS Log as "read" for all users if one person reads it

From now on, if an SMS message is read by any user, then it will be marked as "Read" for all the user(s) for the same agency under SMS logs and dashboard so that multiple users are not taking action on the same SMS event.

24. Ability to match QuickBooks service type(s) from payer level as well.

Earlier, user(s) were able to match the service type with QuickBooks Online/Desktop from the QB integration screen only. From now on, user(s) will be able to do the same matching on the Payer → Rates screen as well, so they can map out different G/L codes specific to the payers.

A new section is created for service type matching similar to Service Type matching under QB integration & it would work exactly the way as it works under QB Integration → Service type matching screen.

If values are not set under payer profile, system will then review settings under QB → service type matching screen to see if the values are present to do the matching.

The hierarchy here would be that system will first go & check from the payer profile. If they are not present in the payer profile, then the value would be fetched from QB → Service matching screen.

25. Turning off the invoice shift detail in CS360 will no longer be shown on QBO/QBD Invoices.

From now on, if the user(s) the invoice shift detail checkbox, the Caregiver name & shift time will not go to QB invoices as part of the line description.

Under Payer Profile > Billing > If the shift details checkbox is unchecked, then shift description will not be pushed to invoice when being pushed over to either QBO or QBD.

EVV/EDI Updates

1. Showing schedule status for each schedule on TELLUS data post report

User(s) using TELLUS will have the ability to see the schedule status in order to determine if the schedule posted is complete or if it still needs to be manually posted.

2. Integration with Data Aggregator - Fiserv for the state of Arkansas

Caresmartz360 is now compatible in the state of Arkansas data aggregator with Fiserv by exporting the file from Caresmartz360 & automatically posting the same to an SFTP folder for processing.

3. Integration with Data aggregator - Care bridge for the states of New York & New Jersey

Caresmartz360 is now compatible in the state of New York & New Jersey with data aggregator - Care Bridge by exporting the file from Caresmartz360 & automatically posting the same to an SFTP folder for processing.

4. Compatible with Clearing House - Change Health via SFTP

All customers using Change Healthcare as the clearing house will now be able to post the data directly via SFTP from Caresmartz360 to Change Healthcare for processing.

User(s) will have to enter the SFTP details for each 837P & 837I under Admin Settings > Billing information section. Then, when the EDI file is generated, it will be posted to an SFTP folder automatically with no manual intervention.

5. Define data elements under billing information page for EDI file generation

User(s) will now have the ability to define the following data elements required for EDI file generation as per the requirement under the Admin Settings>Billing information page.

1) Element separator - default value is * | *
2) Component Data element * : *
3) Repetition Data element *`*

Mobile app Updates

1. In App Push Notifications - Find Caregiver > Open shift request & Schedule Reminder.

Caregivers using the latest version of the iOS or Android App will get app notifications for following events:

a. When agency user creates and Available shift from Find Caregiver screen.

b. Schedule reminders for upcoming schedules

2. Option on dashboard to sync all pending offline shifts

User(s) will be able to manually sync pending offline shifts that were not synced automatically due to network error.

This tab "Pending offline shifts" will only be shown if there is any shift that was performed in offline mode & has not been successfully synced. The user can then go to the tab & see the list of shifts that they wish to sync.

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