NOTE: Not all features are immediately available to all agency users. You should always go to Admin Settings and update the permissions for your agency users at the time of a new feature release, if required for that feature.

1. Improve OT Billing to Clients Logic

Currently, the feature allowing you to bill clients overtime (OT), which is enabled via Office Settings, calculates and bills overtime to a client when a Caregiver goes into overtime, regardless of how many clients they worked for that week. Simply, if a Caregiver works more than 40 hours, the OT would be billed to whichever client they are working with when they pass the OT threshold. However, we have enhanced this feature by giving a new option as to how you would like to bill OT to a client based on the combination of hours being worked between that specific client & caregiver.

We have added a new section labeled "Invoice Charges" under Office Settings → Billing, which moved the current setting from Office Setting → Main. This setting is labeled: "Do you charge OT on client invoices?"

Within this Setting, we have introduced a new drop-down with the following values:

- No charge (no OT billed)
- Charge based on Caregiver Hours (existing calculation method)
- Charge based on Client-Caregiver hours (new calculation method)

Here is an example of the new logic, with a daily OT limit of 8 hours:




Charge OT to Client based on client -Caregiver hours

Pay OT to Caregiver

Client A

Caregiver A




Client B

Caregiver A



Yes, pay for 2 hours

Client A

Caregiver A


Yes for 1 hour

Yes, pay for 4 hours


14 hours

Charge client A for 1 hour

Pay for 6 hours

In this case, the Caregiver has worked for 14 hours in a day, he/she has worked 6 hours over & above 8 regular hours. Therefore, the Caregiver will be paid for 8 hours regular & 6 hours of OT in that day.

However, Caregiver A has worked for client A for 9 hours in a day, client A will pay for only 1 hour as OT & 8 hours as regular.

2. Authorizations will no longer be prorated on calendars and for calculation purposes.

3. Show totals on the time tracking screen:

You will now see total counts within Time Tracking Views for the following columns:

  1. Scheduled Hours

  2. Actual Hours

  3. Billable Hours

  4. Payable Hours

  5. Mileage($)

  6. Expense($

4. Show total column on the Schedule Calendar

On the Schedule Calendar -> Group by client, you will to see total hours for each client in a week or day.

5. Show total hours in Daily/Weekly/ Monthly calendar views for the following profiles:

You will now see the total hours for each status (shown in the color coding legend) on the calendar tab for the following profiles:

  1. Client

  2. Caregiver

  3. Other Staff

6. Show Application Date under Caregiver Applicants Listing

We removed the default date range (this month) on the Caregiver Applicants screen, plus added a column for Application Date so you can sort based on that attribute.

7. Multi-Edit of Master Schedule

After making changes to a Master Schedule, you will now be prompted to designate whether you want the change to be applied to all the "child" records - meaning all the schedules associated. If you designate that they should be, the change will override any other values on the child schedules. If not, then the change will only be applied to the master schedule.

8. Updates on the Caregiver Finder screen

With the release, only current and future open shifts, and schedules, will be shown in the Caregiver Finder tool. We have removed past shifts from the view.

9. Updates on Schedule -> Open shift Calendar

You will now only see the schedules from the current date to future date. This is similar to the Caregiver Finder change noted above.

10. Updates in Task Report by Invoice Number

This report will now sort by schedule date & time, and a new column has been added to list the Caregiver name.

11. Show Total Pay units in Payroll

You will see the total pay units column for the following 3 sections of Payroll:

  1. Process Payroll

  2. Drafted Payroll Batches

  3. Finalized Payroll Batches

Please note that all calculations will have a total at the bottom of each line break.

12. Show task(s) on an Invoice (Great for Long Term Care billing)

You will now see an option on the payer profile to include completed shift tasks included on the invoice. This will help with LTC billing, but also reduce the number of actions required to generate all the necessary items.

13. Show Rounded Clock-in & Clock-out timing on Time Tracking Views while hovering over the billable & payable hours values

14. CareSmartz360 is now integrated with Sandata in the State of Maine & Wisconsin

15. Updates in the TELLUS flow (for states using Tellus as the EVV aggregator)

We have updated the status options for Tellus. Each status is described below:

16. Updates for HHAeXchange (HHAX)

  1. We have introduced a new section in the schedule window for entering the visit edit reason codes in case any EVV pointers are manually updated in the system. It is a non-mandatory section, bit will be up to you to manage/apply reason codes for submission of EVV data to HHAX.

  2. In the Time Tracking Views, you will be prompted to enter a visit edit reason code at the time of manual clock-in/clock-out.

  3. Also, in the Time Tracking Views, while updating the status in bulk, you will be prompted to enter a visit edit reason code for schedules that have HHAX Payers linked.

  4. Please note that these changes will be applicable only for schedules that have HHAX payers linked.

17. Improved way of handling $0 Invoices on Finalized Invoice screen

We have introduced a new toggle button option which, when enabled, will prevent the system from creating any $0 invoices (such as those for a remainder payer with no amounts due on that invoicing period).

18. More characters are allowed in Caregiver Time Tracking ID

We have increased the maximum character length to 10 characters for Caregiver Time Tracking ID.

19. Ability to manually refresh a widget individually on the Dashboard

We have added a Refresh icon to each widget so that you can refresh a widget individually instead of refreshing the whole page. This is great for watching/managing Care Alerts!

20. New report - Caregiver Status Change

We have introduced a new report named "Caregiver Status change" under Reports -> Caregiver Reports. The purpose of the report is to show the dates when the caregiver status was changed, and by whom, and will be grouped by Caregiver.

21. Care Alerts on Dashboard

The Care Alerts widget on the dashboard will now show a rolling 24 hours as the default date range, rather than just showing today's date. Helpful for easily reviewing alerts from last night!

22. Show correct units on invoices goes to 3rd party for processing

Currently when an invoice is split between two payers, both invoices show the same units even though the dollar amount being billed corresponds to a lesser number of units.

Example: A four-hour shift billed at $25/hour is split 50/50 between two payers (for a total of $50 each). Today each invoice would show 4 hours, but the total amount would be $50, which is correct for each payer. Moving forward, invoices will show the number of units which correspond to each payer's share, i.e. (for our example) each invoice will now show 2 hours.

This change will be especially beneficial for those invoices sync'd with QuickBooks and/or sent as an EDI file to payers.

23. New field in Caregiver profile

We have added a new field in the Caregiver profile labeled “State ID #," wherein you can input a Caregiver’s state-issued ID. This is an alphanumeric field, and the value entered here will be used in claims as necessary.

Also, another field is added under the Client --> Payer section labeled “NPI #,” wherein you can input a service-specific NPI to be used in EDI claim generation.

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