This article is designed to be a way for you to begin to familiarize yourself with the LMS function of your CareSmartz360 platform. We highly recommend that you work with your Implementation Specialist or a member of the support team when you are ready to start working with creating, editing, and assigning courses.

To access the administrator portion of the LMS module you will need to navigate to a portal outside of the regular CareSmartz360 portal. You can do this by navigating to the LMS section of the portal

Clicking on the LMS feature will open a new tab in your browser that is the LMS admin portal. To manage the courses, you will need to logout and then log back using the Admin credentials.

You can also access the training portal directly with this link (inserting your agency name) https://

The login credentials are

U: Admin

P: P@ssw0rd

Once you are in the admin portal, click on Search>Courses> Manage courses and Certifications

You can

  1. Create a new course

  2. Edit a course that already exists

To Edit a course that already exists, just select what you want to do from the drop-down menu.

To create a new course, click on "Create new course"

Fill in the required fields and then select the type of course you are adding

Scorm=combined effort of agency and the CareSmartz360 LMS development team

File= Power Point/Word/PDF document

Video=Uploaded Video presentation

To assign caregivers to a course, click on the name of the course >"enrolled users">enrol users

Then, just click the "enrol" button next to the caregivers who need this training

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