When you get your CareSmartz360 portal, we give you a lot of assessment/care plan options already set up, but you may want to make some adjustments to it to better reflect your services.

Here are the steps to customize your client assessment:

Step 1:

Navigate to the Admin Settings>Client

Step 2:

If you want to adjust items on the Skills and Requirements page, you will make those changes in the Attribute Categories and Attribute Codes sections.

The attribute Categories are the “bold” items from the assessment page, and the codes are the items that have the check boxes.

If you want to add/Delete a Category, navigate to “Attribute Categories” and click on +Attribute Category

Add the Category Name. Indicate if it is a restriction (would prevent assigning the caregiver)

To add/edit the items that are part of the codes, navigate to Attribute Codes and then click on +Attribute Value

When the menu opens at the bottom of the page, select the category that this code will be under, and then enter the item. Make sure that you put the same information in both Client Attribute and Caregiver Attribute. They need to match.

If the Category you added was also a restriction, you will add those codes in Restriction codes. The difference is that the Client attribute and the Caregiver attribute should NOT match if it is a restriction.

Step 3:

All of the other fields in the assessment that you might want to change will be done in the DDM-Client Management

Select DDM-Client Management, and then select the area you want to edit from the drop-down

You can add, edit, or delete

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