COVID-19 Shift Pre-Screening Module

CareSmartz360 is dedicated to helping you manage your Caregivers and Clients during this time of emergency. As such, we will shortly release a Shift Pre-screening feature, whereby Caregivers can be prompted to answer health-related questions regarding their Client and themselves.

Specific Details: 

  1. You, the employer, can enable this feature via your Office Settings.

  1. Once enabled, the Caregiver will receive a prompt in the mobile app to answer four predefined pre-shift screening questions.

  2. In the case the feature is disabled, these questions will not be available for caregiver to answer.

  3. If the Caregiver answers any out of the 4 questions with a “Yes”, you will get notified via email/SMS to any users who have been subscribed under Office settings -> Notification tab. 

  4. The answers to the questions will also be shown under the Care History section of the Schedule window, along with the Caregiver’s signature.

2 – Caregiver is alerted in the mobile app at the time of clock-in or at the start of the day, at the time you have set.

3 – After clicking “Clock-in,” the caregiver will be directed to the short questionnaire if you have set it for "at the start of shift".

4 – Caregiver then signs and clicks “Save” to submit their answers and clock in, “Clear” in case they wish to re-enter their signature. 

5 – Once the answers are saved, they will be shown under the Care History section of the Schedule.

6--If you have set the screening for start of day, the caregivers will receive a reminder and can access the questions from the mobile app

7 – As soon as the answers are saved, and if any 1 or more answer is found to be affirmative, agency users (which have been selected under notification tab in office settings) will be notified via email/SMS.

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