Adding a Service type / Meeting type has the following 3 steps:

  1. Add the Service Type

  2. Configure the Service Type

  3. Define the Bill Rate and Pay Rate for the Service Type added. 

The steps are explained below. Make sure you are logged in with Admin credentials.

1. Add Service Type: 

Go to Settings -> DDM Scheduling

Select Service Type from the drop down

From here you can Edit / Delete / Add the Service type

2. Configure Service Type

Click on Service Type from the Left >Then click on Configure Service Type

By default, all service types are billable and payable by the hour.You can make the appropriate adjustments to reflect your business flow.


  • some nurse visits might not be charged to the client (non-billable) but still paid to the caregiver (Payable).

  • Some service types might be billed by the visit or in 15-minute increments instead of hourly

3. Define the Bill Rate and pay rate for the Service type added

Go to Settings -> Office Settings->Rates

Add the New Bill Rate

If you will be adding authorizations to your client payers, you should set the start date for 1 year in the past.

Bill Scheduled: If the schedule is created for 8 AM - 10 AM and the Caregiver clocks in at 8 AM and Clock Out at 9:45 AM (1.75 hours) then no matter what the clock in and clock out time is, system will always Bill for Scheduled Units i.e. 2.

This feature will not bring any impact on Payroll calculations. Payroll calculation will always be based on the actual time based on clock in and clock out time.

Bill Minimum: When set to Bill Minimum, agency has to provide minimum units to be billed as well.

E.g. Personal Care service is configured to Bill Minimum and Minimum Units to be Billed are 3 Units. Even if the schedule is created for 2 Hours and caregiver clocked in and clocked out on time, the system will create the invoice for the schedule at 3 Units NOT 2 units.

Bill Minimum will only come into effect when the actual units based on clock in and out are less than the defined bill minimum units per schedule for that service type. If the actual hours are more than scheduled, then the full amount will be billed.

Bill Actuals: The system will calculate the invoice based on the actual clock in and out times.

Add new Pay Rate—

Remember, the pay amount will always be calculated on ACTUAL, not on scheduled or minimum.

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