When you caregivers attempt to clock in or out, they might see this message in the mobile app that prevents them from completing the function:

This error indicates that the Caregiver is not within the distance parameter defined by your agency or that their cellular location services don't see them at the client's home.

In many cases the Caregiver could be inside the Client’s house and still get this error.

If such an error comes up, here are things to try. 

  1. Ensure the Location settings are ON on the caregiver’s mobile device. This is a one-time setting, unless you have recently re-installed the App.   

  2. Try to move to a different location to attempt. Try outside the client house, at the door, on the porch, driveway or street.  The GPS location depends on several factors: the type of phone being used and the level of location accuracy settings, and the location as picked by your service provider at that point of time.  

  3. Click on ‘My Clients’ on the CareSmartz360 App.  Tap on the Client’s Name, scroll down to the calendar and hit the Blue Arrow.  This refreshes the GPS on the Phone and the caregiver can try to clock in / out again.   

  4. To deep dive into the issue, the Caregiver can open the Google Maps App on their phone. By default, Google map will pull up the current location in the form of a Blue Dot. Zoom in to see if that dot is at the Client’s house or at a distance from the location where you are supposed to be.   

When the App has been lying idle for a while, the GPS coordinates need to be refreshed, so refreshing the App may also work. 

In some cases, Google Maps may have misplaced the "pin" for the client's address.

You can use the GPS Distance Exception report to see the exact latitude and longitude of both the client and where the caregiver's mobile device thought it was at the time of attempted clock in/out.

Clicking on the Latitude/Longitude links will open a new tab showing you the exact location.

In a case like the one below, the pin is at the entrance to the building, but the client may live in the back corner.

If this is the case, then navigate to the Client profile in your CS360 portal and scroll down to where you entered the address.

Click on "view in map"

You'll probably need to use the + icon to zoom in. Then, you can click on the pin and drag and drop it to closer to where the client lives in the building. Remember to save your change.

On the mobile app itself, caregivers can see two things that can help you and them identify the problem:

The first is how accurate their GPS is. If it isn't "high", the GPS may not be recording the location accurately.

  1. Go into the settings of the device and make sure that they have GPS set to "high"

  2. This may still change as the caregiver moves around

Caregivers can also see, right from the dashboard, how far away the device GPS thinks they are from the client home.

  1. Sometimes phones will “cache” a previous location to save device battery power, so waiting a few minutes for the phone to sync with the nearest cell tower can change the location. The caregiver might need to exit the app and then open it again to refresh.

  2. Sometimes the client location is not set correctly in the client profile. You can go to the client profile, scroll down to the address area, and click on “view in map”. Make sure that the red “pin” is actually where the client lives. If it isn’t, you can click on the pin and drag it to the correct location

The GPS location that is pulled up by the caregiver Mobile phone depends on several factors and the above steps can help you in case of a Range error. 

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