Schedule Review is your “real time” view into what is happening with your caregivers. From here, you can manually clock a caregiver in or out if they have run into problems completing the process themselves.

Red indicates that the clock in or out did NOT happen within your time grace period (set in the office settings>main). Yellow means that the shift has started but the grace period is still in effect, or the schedule needs to be reviewed and approved. Green means that the shift hasn’t started yet.

If there are actual times showing in the clock in/out fields, those are the actual times that either the caregiver or the agency employee entered.

If the words “clock in” or “clock out” appear, that means that the schedule start and end times were assigned as the clock in/out times when someone manually changed the schedule status to approved.

There are several different ways that a clock in/out can be registered with the system, and each is represented by an icon.

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