NOTE:  Not all features are immediately available to all portal users.  Many agencies limit user access to just what is important for doing a specific job.  The Master Schedule Plan will need to have access granted from the Admin Settings>Role Management.

Master Schedule Plan

Agencies can now create one or more master schedule plans for clients and then Publish the schedule every week/biweekly/monthly as they confirm hours and caregiver availability.

Now, agencies can create the plan for a client from the client profile, view all those plans created from a single global space, and then publish all the schedules in single go without the hassle of going into each client's file to publish the schedules to the calendars.

The plans remain hidden from the client and caregiver calendars until the time the agency publishes/releases the plan. 

To create the master plan for a specific client, open the client profile and locate the section "Master Schedule". Please make sure the user role has appropriate permissions to access this section.

Click on the +Master Schedule button to add a new plan.
A plan can be of three types:

  1. Weekly 

  2. Bi-Weekly

  3. Monthly


If a client requires services every week on a specific day(s) and time(s), the agency can create a weekly plan for the client.

As per the example given above, this client requires service every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 AM - 11 AM starting November 7th. The caregiver is not known, and the service is Respite Care. n.b. If a default service type has been selected on the Client's Profile, it will default here as well in the Master Schedule.

When the plan is saved, it will look like this on the client's file:

At this point, only the plan is created and no schedule has been published on any calendar.

Agency users can now navigate to the "Publish Master Schedule" section under the Scheduling menu to release the plan they have created.

Following is the view of Publish Master Schedule screen:

On this screen, the agency user can review all the plan(s) created for all the active client(s) present in the system and are eligible to fall under the weekly date range selected by default. The user can switch the week as well to plan the schedule for future dates as well. The date range can be switched based on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis.

Agency users can click on the calendar icon next to the person's name to see the full week view with shifts that have already been published in dark blue and shifts that have not been published in light blue

When the user clicks on the right arrow > the system will show all the proposed schedules based on the plan which have been created.

The system will show on which date/time the schedule will be created based on the plan settings.

By clicking on the edit icon to open the edit window, updates can be made before releasing the plan to the actual calendar 

The user will be able to change the caregiver or change the start/end time for one/multiple schedule(s) before publishing them.

After making required changes, agency users can decide whether to publish all the plans for all the clients listed on the screen OR decide to publish the plan for one or just a few specific client(s).

While creating the Master Schedule Plan, the second type is Bi-Weekly where a client who requires service on different days in two calendar weeks can be configured. The system will ask for the Week 1 pattern and Week 2 pattern and will keep on repeating these patterns.

The process of publishing the plan remains same. The agency user can go to the Publish Master Schedule screen, pick the date period, and review the proposed schedules and then publish them to the actual calendar.

If a client requires service(s) on a specific day of each month, then the monthly plan type will be helpful for the agency.

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