The first step is making sure you have an account with TransNational payments.  When you create your account with them, they will provide you with an API key and a "Tokenizer" that you will enter in the Office Settings>Billing Tab in your CareSmartz360 portal.

The next step is to add the credit card information to the Payer's Profile>Billing Tab
**Caresmartz360 does NOT store the credit card information.  We maintain the last 4 digits and the expiration date.  The full information is stored by TransNational

Once you have the Vendor account, and the Payer's credit card information, you're ready to process the payment. There are a few different places in the CareSmartz360 portal where you can do this.

Client Profile>Outstanding Invoices Tab

Click on "Receive Payment"

Complete the Payment Register By Client Window that opens

When you click Pay (step 5), the CareSmartz360 system will notify the vendor to charge the card.

Finalized Invoice Batch Screen

Click on the credit card icon, which will take you to the Payment Register by Client, and you can then follow the steps above

Payment Register by Client

Navigate to Accounting>Payment Register by Client and then select the client's name from the drop-down list. This will open the Payment register, and you can follow the steps above.

Clients/Payers can pay online, through the client/payer portal.

Right on the main portal dashboard, payers can see any invoices, and just click on the "PAY" icon

A new page will open that provides them with the ability to select a card already on file, add a new card, enter an amount different from the balance and put in a note regarding the purpose of this charge. Just fill in the fields and click "PAY NOW"

Clients/Payers without portal access, can authorize payment via a secure link that will be included on the invoice that is sent.

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