Open shifts are any shifts that have been created for a client that have not been assigned to a caregiver.
They can be seen in the mobile app by accessing the calendar and selecting           Open Shifts.

From the Open Shifts page, the caregiver can select a particular shift and then send an email requesting that shift.

That request can be seen in Scheduling>Open Shifts Manager>Caregiver-Agency 

In the case of concerns regarding HIPAA information, Agency administrators can restrict caregivers from seeing open shifts by modifying privileges in the Admin settings>Home>Role Management

Available Shifts are open shifts that the agency has requested the caregiver to fill using the Find Caregiver feature in the scheduling module.  When the agency user sends the email to the caregiver, the shifts will appear in their available shifts tab on both the mobile app and the caregiver portal

Caregivers can open the Available Shifts tab, select one of the requests, and then indicate Available, Not Available, or More Information

That reply can be seen in Scheduling>Open Shifts Manager>Agency-Caregiver

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