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We are creating a community forum and enabling our clients to publish their ideas, feedback, and vote in a community forum. You can access the forum via “Help Center” from the “?” icon located in the header.

Caregiver Clock In/Out within Threshold Time Period (Caregiver Web and Mobile)

A validation on clock-in and clock-out against the threshold time has been implemented.

Client/Caregiver/Staff Attachment Type Drop Down Now Configurable

The type of attachment for clients, caregivers and staff can be separately defined via their respective Drop-Down Maintenance (DDM) through Office Settings.

Care Alert Widget on Dashboard

Agency Users will now be able to track Caregiver Notes/Tasks, Client/Family feedback without going into the specific schedule(s).

Caregiver Tasks/Notes, Client and Family Feedback will be visible on the dashboard in a widget. Detailed reports are also created for Caregiver Notes, Caregiver Tasks, Client Feedback and Family feedback. A shortcut to the report is present in the widget which can be accessed by clicking on the View All link.

Care Plan Tasks with Yes in Bold and Blue

The Care Plan tasks with the status of Yes display in bolded, blue text.

Schedule Notes Now Available in Caregiver Portal

Schedule notes are now available in the Caregiver Portal.

Caregivers can Attach Documents/Images with Shift Notes/Injury Details/Shift Tasks

Caregivers can now attach document or images with their shift notes, injury details, and tasks.

Meetings are Visible to Caregiver Calendar

Meetings are now visible on the Caregiver Calendar.

Conflict Alert on Caregiver Portal

The system will display a conflict when the Caregivers try to mark their unavailability for any period when a schedule is already in place for that time.

Payroll Batch Creation Flow Consistent with Invoice Batch Creation Flow

Payroll Batch creation flow is now consistent with the Invoice Batch creation flow

Client Schedules Report: Call Type Filter Addition

Advanced filtration is enabled in Client Schedules report by adding another filter for Call type.

Consistent View of Name Grid (Client, Caregiver, Staff Last Name, First Name)

The grid view of Client, Caregiver and Staff Name is now changed to Last Name and First Name to maintain the consistency in the system.

New Reports

Client Care Coordinator Relationship (Client Reports)

A new report is available to show the relationship between the Client and Care Coordinator.

Caregiver Notes (Scheduling Reports)

A new report is available to show Caregiver notes.

Additional Reports are:

  • Caregiver Tasks

  • Family Feedback

  • Client Feedback

New Events Added for Alerts

  • New Prospective Client Alert

  • Caregiver Clock-In Alert to the Client

  • Caregiver Clock-Out Alert to the Client

  • New Invoice Alert to the Payer

  • Transaction Alert to the Client

  • Schedule Approval Alert to the Client

  • Schedule Creation Alert to the Client

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