Passwords can be changed in 2 ways:

By an administrator:

The admin user will set a temporary password that can be used to log in once before changing it per the user’s wish.

  • Log into the system as an Agency User, Owner, or Admin.

  • Click Settings icon in the Main toolbar.

  • Under User Management, choose the type of role who’s password you want to change.

  • For example, if the user was an Agency User, the Admin User would click the Agency Users link above.

  • The Admin User clicks the Change Password link for the desired user.

  • The Admin User enters a new password once, and then a second time to confirm it.

  • The Admin User clicks the Update button to change the password, or the Cancel button to discard the change.

Note:This password is temporary and will be emailed to the registered address of the user.

  • After the user receives the email and clicks on the link, the following page displays:

  • The user completes the fields and clicks the Update button to change the password, or the Cancel button to discard the changes.

By the users themselves:

There may be cases when a user forgets the password and wants to reset it instead of an Admin User doing it.

Every user who is created in the system, has to register a security question and answer which can be used to reset the password.

  • On the CareSmartz360 login page, there is a link called Forgot Your Password? which will start the password reset process when a user clicks on it.

  • The user enters the user name associated with the password to be changed

Note:If the user does not remember the password, then an Admin User will need to make the password change.

  • The user clicks the Submit button to continue the process. The user will be prompted to answer the security question.

  • The user enters the answer and clicks the Submit button, or the Back button to go one page back.

  • If the submission is successful the user will receive an email with a temporary password with instructions on how to reset the password.

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